Strela is the fastest spaceship in the universe, piloted by brave and funny alien Albi.

5 min pilot episode was produced by specialthx studio.
I was involved as a creative director, script writer and CG artist.
I've storyboarded the whole pilot and created all 3d animatics, composed all shots and also did a lot of animation, design, modelling and supervising job.

This tiny animation got 30 Million views on Littlebabybum animation channel (Youtube).

Anton Lobachev: art-direction, animation, rendering, compositing.
Max Uzkikh: Modelling

Railway safety - Watch Out (WIP) from Anton Lobachev on Vimeo.

Kama Sutra Balloons

Exude Lipstick is set to modernize the way women wear lipstick. Because of its revolutionary applicator, Exude is able to retain its shape over time and dispense the exact amount of lipstick users need, without any mess or waste.

In collaboration with Harel Edery - studio mosza, I was was intended to show how it works.

I was asked to create character inspired by the movie star. Client was so happy about how cute, beauty and likeness of real person was archieved, that he asked to create promotional spot.

Storyboard by Lunapark film.
Production by Specialthx studio.
Anton Lobachev: art direction, camera, animation, compositing.
Max Uzkikh: modelling, rendering, animation.

Long time ago I've produced couple shorts for social network of drink lovers startup (which is resting In peace now, for good)
Anyaway, I've created everything here: characters, storyboars, animation, compositing, editing, and even sound. Script (was little treated by me) and voice records was provided by client.